Sunday, March 19, 2017

CEOs: 3 ways to improve your WordPress websites

Being a CEOs of a somewhat small company, you must have wondered how to attract (and keep) customers on your WordPress website, therefore increasing the possibility of turning a potential lead to a happy customer. As a participant in the Northwestern Social Media Management Course, , I have learned that it is not only important what your content is but also how you display it and how you improve the user experience on your site, which is also emphasized in these two articles.

In his article, How to make complete strangers fall in love with your blog, which can be found at Jeff Bullas blog/website (@jeffbullas), Jawad Khan points out the importance of several things, one of them being the importance of brand and the landing page – if you are not already famous it must be attractive the visitors otherwise they will leave. According to the author of this article, other important things also include free quality content – images, info-graphics and videos and all that FOR FREE. The last this he underlines is the importance of Facebook groups for better engagement with your following. This article is great content, not just for blogger but also for companies which cannot afford a great marketing budget.

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The second article, published by @wpbeginner on their website, 24 Must Have WordPress Pluginsfor Business Websites in 2017, give the WordPress users the list of some of the best and most efficient WordPress plugins out there. Some of those show you how to maximize the impact your content has while other are made to improve your SEO or to facilitate the interaction with the users of your site. Also, let us not forget the security issues all entrepreneurs face – but do not worry, the writer assures you that WordPress has got you covered on that as well.

Having read these two articles, and experience gained from the online lectures at the Northwestern University Social Media Marketing course, I recommend the following three action you should take to maximize the impact of your WordPress site :

  •     Killer Landing page – If user do not like what they see, they WILL leave, so thread carefully 
  •     Boost SEO – it is paramount for your business that it can be found easily, so you have to be relevant now
  •     Empower your users – It is crucial for the user to have the control on your WordPress site and that the information they provide is safe with you 

So, starting today, improve the WordPress experience for your potential customers by making all the jigsaw puzzle pieces fit!

My name is Tanja Balog and am currently participating in the MOOC at the Northwestern University Social Media Marketing class. I have keep interest in the digital marketing as well as content creation having graduated literature at university. I am looking for jobs involving data analysis and content marketing. You can find me at @ooopschan.

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